Following The Iconic's launch of an Adaptive Edit yesterday, Christina Stephens founder Jessie Sadler details the impact this edit will have on adaptive fashion and her brand.

Working with The Iconic really validates our mission and means our customers have been heard. 

We’ve been working so hard to get mainstream media and fashion outlets to sit up, take notice, and more importantly, take action to be more inclusive.

And now it’s all starting to come together. Change is in the wind!

We feel very privileged to be included in The Iconic's adaptive range.

We are one of only two Australian labels included, alongside global powerhouse Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive.

Our goal has always been to shine a spotlight on the need for adaptive and inclusive fashion, and it feels like we’re finally making headway.

We’re where plus size clothing was 15 years ago - and we’re certain this is just the beginning for adaptive fashion.

One in five people in Australia are living with a disability.

That’s a big share of the market that has previously been ignored.

Huge credit must be given to The Iconic and their leadership to be the first major retailer in Australia and New Zealand to see, and act on the significant opportunities that come from adaptive fashion.

It is truly an exciting time.

Christina Stephens has also recently expanded to other retailers, and is now available at Every Human, Super Pharmacy Plus, and Averee, a new fully-integrated, accessible department store for people with disabilities.

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September 25, 2021 — Clare Puki