Jessie Sadler

Born and bred in the wild west of the Gulf of Carpentaria in the 1980’s, Jessie learnt at an early age the value of smart work, watching her Mum and Dad run an engineering company and refitting fishing vessels. The unconventional family work was a great conversation starter, but also helped cement family bonds - Jessie named Christina Stephens after her Mum (Christine) and Dad (Stephen), and to this day relies on her best mate Mum as her soundboard and harshest critic. 

With three degrees in business and law, and an MBA to boot, Jessie not only knows how to run a business, but how to pursue a dream. Having held management roles in oil and gas, and worked throughout South Korea, Cambodia and Italy, Jessie is now combining all these years of experience with her more recent passions, designing inclusive clothing and helping empower women with greater confidence. 

Fun fact: in between being a Mum to two little crazy humans, one very old beautiful schnoodle, and six noisy chooks, Jessie has a hand-me-down love of fashion and art, and always finds time to noodle away designing clothes, silversmithing or doing leadlight work. 

“It feels like we’re at the starting line of a beautiful and meaningful journey.”