Image of a man sitting in a wheelchair facing backwards. The opening of the back of his prism back t-shirt is being demonstrated. Christina Stephens Adaptive Clothing Australia.

How to Shop with NDIS Funds


Good news! If your NDIS plan is self or plan managed you may be able to purchase our garments through your consumable budget in core supports, or through your Home Care Package funds. 80% of our customers have successfully used NDIS funding to make their purchases.

Christina Stephens Clothing can be purchased using NDIS funds: Core Support Budget_Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety_Code 0103.

Letter of Support for NDIS Funding of Christina Stephens Adaptive Clothing.

Watch the Tutorial

We'll run you through the NDIS checkout process so you are confident in filling out our form.

How to Place an NDIS Order

Option 1: Self Managed

Add your item/s to the shopping cart, and select that you’re an NDIS participant. Complete your purchase (using your funds) and we will ship your order. We’ll also email you a sales receipt for NDIS reimbursement. Please find a letter of support for NDIS funding for adaptive clothing.

Option 2: Plan Managed

Add your item/s to the NDIS shopping cart and an invoice will be emailed to the nominated parties for pre-approval. Once funds have been received, your order will be dispatched to you promptly.

Option 3: NDIA Managed

Christina Stephens is currently going through the NDIS accreditation process, please join our mailing list to be informed when this is completed. You'll then be able to use your NDIA budget to shop.

Thank you! Should you or your plan manager have any questions about purchasing our clothes as an NDIS participant, please don’t hesitate to contact us at