Our Story

Our Origins

The Christina Stephens concept came about after my mum had a fall some years back and damaged her elbows. The injury prevented mum, who has always been very fashion and health conscious, from dressing with ease in her usual classy and understated style. Since then, she has developed arthritis in her shoulders which impacts the ease in which she gets dressed.

After researching the fashion available in the market for style conscious women living with short or long-term physical challenges, I realised there was a social and business opportunity in front of me. 20% of the population live with a disability, yet the proportion of beautiful, quality, and on-trend fashion available, is vastly lacking. Our vision is to not just bridge this gap from a product perspective, but that our mainstream media, marketing and advertising starts reflecting this new ‘normal’ too. 

Our Name

And the name…..this is also a special story (to me anyway). People always assume that it’s my name. But I wanted to create a label that sounded like a designer label, not one that reminded my clients of functional or clinical clothing. My mum’s name is Christine and my dad’s name is Stephen. The combination of names is just a little something that makes my business even more personal to me.  

Thanks for your interest in Christina Stephens and your support for this movement!

Stay with us. Share your valuable thoughts and ideas. Tell your family and friends about us.

Jessie x

Founder, Christina Stephens.