Our Story

Our Origins

Christina Stephens was conceived after Founder Jessie Sadler’s mum had a fall and damaged her elbows. The injury prevented her from dressing with ease in her usual classy and understated style. Twenty percent of the population live with a disability, yet the proportion of beautiful, quality, and on-trend fashion available, is vastly lacking. 

Inclusivity, adaptability and sustainability are the core business and design values of Christina Stephens. We choose to design pieces that aren’t just versatile, adaptive and cohesive, but also modest, inclusive and sustainable. We want to give people with disabilities and changing voices a voice, with universal designs, beautiful on every body.

Our Name

People always assume that it’s our Founder’s name. Nope! But the story is personal. 

“I wanted to create a label that sounded like a designer label, not one that reminded my clients of functional or clinical clothing. My mum’s name is Christine and my dad’s name is Stephen. The combination of names is just a little something that makes my business even more personal to me.” ~ Jessie