The media should reflect, connect with and include all people. This handbook has been created to assist journalists to do just that, with a particular focus on various communities with disability. 

More than two years (and multiple lockdowns) in the making, it has been produced by a team of media professionals with lived experience of disability, in collaboration with peak Disabled People's Organisations and diversity advocates. In designing and writing this handbook, we made sure we lived by the golden rule - nothing about us without us. 

While we encourage you to read the entire handbook, it has been designed to enable time-poor, task-rich media professionals to skip to key areas to get the practical knowledge they need to better report on and with people with disability. 

We realise that language, culture and understanding changes, and we aim to review and update this handbook in the future. We hope this guide leads to a more inclusive media, and with it, a more inclusive world - one which recognises and welcomes the true spectrum of human diversity. 

The DRH Team.

Download the full Handbook here. 

January 19, 2022 — Clare Puki