Australian clothing label Christina Stephens is pioneering the adaptive fashion movement, offering people with disabilities and changing bodies beautiful and functional wardrobe choices.

The label, which has boomed since launching in March 2020, has been snapped up by major retailers including THE ICONIC. 

Now the team behind the successful label, led by energy expert turned fashion designer and owner Jessie Sadler, is urging Queenslanders to think twice about the brands they support. 

"Our goal has always been to shine a spotlight on the need for adaptive and inclusive fashion," she said.

"And we're finally making headway. We are where plus-size clothing was 15 years ago - and we're sure this is just the beginning for adaptive fashion."

Ms Sadler said one in five people in Australia are living with a disability. 

"That's a big share of the market that's previously been ignored," she said.

Ms Sadler said the concept was born when her mum had a fall about five years ago. 

"We were shopping on James Street in Fortitude Valley when she tripped and smashed both of her elbows - she wasn't able to dress herself and when we tried to look for clothing that didn't resemble a hospital gown the options were underwhelming," she said. "I didn't realise adaptive clothing was such a nascent category." 

Christina Stephens clothing can be purchased using NDIS funds, through customers' consumable budget in core supports, or through their Home Care Package funds. 

By Samantha Scott for The Courier-Mail. 

January 05, 2022 — Clare Puki