In 2021, talented artist and stroke surviver, Jenna Dot (nee Johnson) was the winner of our "design a t-shirt" competition. Her fabulous artwork of "Frida" still graces some of our leaf back t-shirts

In celebration of National Stroke Week (7-14th August), we're giving away a FREE "Frida" t-shirt to the first 20 people who comment on our social post about "what adaptive clothing do you want to see more of?"

Jenna chose Frida Kahlo as her muse, projecting what Jenna knew of Frida's life and the physical and mental struggles she endured, to create her own personal portrait reflection of the celebrated artist. 

“Being an artist and wheelchair user, I have found my perfect niche in art and writing. I spend a lot of time struggling with digital illustration, but I much prefer drawing and painting the traditional way. I try to combine the two," Jenna said.
"Humour is my resilience.
So is heavily focusing on the positive rather than the negative of my situation. The ability within the disability. I think Freda looks good in a chair.”
August 07, 2023 — Clare Puki