When Christine had a fall that permanently damaged her elbows, she knew there would be challenges to come in the days ahead. To her unwelcome surprise, it turned out that one of those challenges would be, on top of everything else, an almost complete lack of fashion options.

As her previously stylish wardrobe became crowded with functional but fairly bland items, it appeared that this part of her life was over for good. Perhaps not a big deal for some, but a definite loss for classy, understated Christine.

Unwilling to sit by helplessly, her get-up-and-go daughter Jessie Sadler took matters into her own hands. In March 2020 the Christina Stephens adaptive clothing label was launched to the acclaim of fashionistas and disability advocates alike. Despite the myriad of obstacles presented by the Covid pandemic her unique business blossomed, gracing runways at Brisbane Fashion Month and London Fashion Week.

Since then the ground-breaking label has gone from strength to strength; listing on Australia's biggest online retailer THE ICONIC, launching a range of menswear, and co-chairing panels on diversity and inclusion. Jessie and Carol’s story has appeared on the ABC, 7 News, SBS, Studio 10, and featured in Women's Weekly, The Australian, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue Magazine - the list goes on.

The steamroller became a juggernaut when Carol Taylor joined the label in 2022. A lawyer and disability advocate, Carol is also the world’s first quadriplegic fashion designer, and with her in the mix Jessie Sadler's one woman show grew swiftly into a team of dynamic women. Shortly thereafter Christina Stephens made history, being one of two labels featured on Australian Fashion Week's first-ever adaptive clothing runway.

2023 saw the emergence of the Unwrapped Collection; a spectacular fusion of glamour and spunk, with specific consideration of durability, temperature control, pressure sores, dexterity, sensory challenges and easy access. The Unwrapped Collection is designed specifically for prosthesis wearers, quadriplegics, paraplegics, and people who are part-time or permanently in a seated position.

And now in a new exciting step for the company, not only will Carol Taylor be the keynote speaker at the Magnus Ball fundraiser on Saturday August 19, but

the night will also feature a fashion runway to showcase the latest Christina Stephens designs! There appears to be little the Christina Stephens team can't

do, and we can't wait to see what they've got in store for us next!

<Around 80% of customers are able to claim Christina Stephens clothes through the NDIS - to see the full range, click HERE>

ABOUT THE MAGNUS BALL: The Magnus Ball will be raising much-needed funds for three truly worthwhile Gold Coast charities: 10CentTom, the Respark Collective and Beddown. Tickets have almost sold out, but it's not too late to come onboard as a sponsor or to donate an item to our silent online auction.

Article written by Magnus Health : 2024.

July 24, 2023 — Jessie Sadler