Words by Lisa Cox

Life's too short to wear 💩 clothes!⁠

These days I get around the differently ♿ but that shouldn't mean that I (or others moving/living differently) should just put up with 💩 clothing options.⁠

This week I had the pleasure of joining Jessie Sadler, founder/CEO of #inclusivefashion collection Christina Stephens, on @channel10au

While Jessie spoke about the label, I focused more broadly on the issue of representation of disability in mainstream media and popular culture, like the fashion industry.⁠

I set a #challenge for viewers and now I'm setting THE SAME one for YOU.⁠


1) Go onto the @Instagram feed or your favorite mainstream label or brand.

2) Scroll and see how often ANY disability is represented in some way (either in photos or captions).⁠

3) Tag the brand below with that number.


Chances are you won't find many (or any) but I'll happily be proven wrong!

Thing is...

*Puts on advertising hat*

I know it's not the responsibility of brands to include every single skerrick of diversity in the world. That's unrealistic and everyone has their niche.⁠

*Puts on business finance hat*

BUT for the bigger mainstream brands with a much wider target market, excluding disability is a really bad business model.⁠

Brands need to recognise that people with all sorts of disabilities are valuable consumers - Research shows that we're more loyal consumers too!

Basic advertising and marketing strategy says people buy from a brand that REPRESENT THEM.

Hence, brands who don't represent disability in some way are making themselves INVISIBLE to at least 20% of the population.

I tried to think of all the MAINSTREAM brands who getting it right and CONSISTENTLY creating #VisibilityForDisability and @jockey_anz is the only one I found here in Australia.

Businesses like @targetaus @woolworths_au and #ANZbank have done ok in other areas but their socials need work.

So I guess Ren and I'll be buying up a heap of #Jockey underwear this weekend 😂 (not sponsored) since they also realise the importance of consistent inclusion.


Happy shopping!

I hope you all have a wonderful day 😘xx

Video credit: Studio 10, Channel 10 Network, Australia

September 25, 2021 — Clare Puki