September 25, 2021

THE ICONIC’s New Adaptive Edit Is a Stylish Range For People With Disabilities

The online shopping experience is (finally) becoming a more inclusive one, with most mainstream stores stocking a wider range of sizes and incorporating diverse visual merchandising on their landing pages.

What we haven’t seen much of, however, are online retailers that properly include and cater to people living with a disability or who are limited-mobility or have other access needs. Until now, that is.

Today, Australian and New Zealander fashion, sports and lifestyle e-tailer THE ICONIC announced the launch of its Adaptive Edit, a tailored shopping destination that aims to better serve the 1 in 5 Australians living with disabilities and other access needs.

THE ICONIC Adaptive Edit works to curates items that prioritise functional style and ease of dressing/undressing, through features such as thoughtful closures, seated-wear solutions and fits for prosthetics. More importantly, it gives those living with a disability or limited-mobility the same experience of online shopping, as it would give a customer without a disability.

This, to us, is the definition of inclusivity. It’s a simple concept, but given our history, past discrimination and segregation, it feels like we’re still very much a work in progress when it comes to offering every person an equal experience — especially when it comes to fashion.

The Edit has an introductory assortment of over 130 pieces across menswear, womenswear and kidswear from Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, Brisbane-label Christina Stephens, and Melbourne-based JAM The Label, all hand-picked by Australian Occupational Therapists, Emma Clegg and Molly Rogers.

In bringing the edit to life, THE ICONIC worked closely with leading global accessibility consultancy All Is For All to make sure that the new, inclusive category was created with a considered approach and informed by lived experiences.

“This new edit is an important step forward in the journey to uplift the disabled experience,” says Grace Stratton, Director of All Is For All.

“It makes a phenomenal difference in people’s lives and perceptions to see disability meaningfully represented on a platform like THE ICONIC.

“This Edit represents an opportunity for more people to understand and embrace the beauty of disability, and experience the ease enabled by adaptive fashion.”

It may seem like a small step, but it’s a small step in the right direction, especially given the cult following of THE ICONIC and its position as a mainstream platform in the Australian market.

It’s super important for mainstream brands to jump on activations like this because not only are they able to spread the inclusive messaging to their audiences, but it also encourages other brands to do the same. In an ideal world, this would create a snowball effect and before we know it, we’d have an entire online marketplace that considers all people, all the time.

Earlier this year, THE ICONIC released their Annual Progress Report, highlighting their commitment to be a leading force in driving inclusivity and accessibility — and it is absolutely delivering on that.

THE ICONIC Adaptive Edit is available to shop now. The addition of the Adaptive assortment will also see key items shoppable as part of THE ICONIC’s Considered Edit, a section of the website purely dedicated to sustainable brands.

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